Sophie Page says


The Ordinary Girl and the Prince is the first fairytale I read. When the Royal Engagement was announced in 2010, it brought it all back - the anxiety, the excitement, the big happy (and yes, okay, slightly tearful) smile when Everygirl married her One True Love. Only this time, just for a moment, it felt sort of personal - a happy ending in our time, as it were.

I wish Prince William and his Kate so much happiness.

To Marry a Prince is a story for every girl, of any age, who has ever dreamed of finding her Prince.

Itís set today (with a few variations, as you would expect). Itís Britain, Jim, but not quite as we know it. The wondrous Terry Pratchett would say we have gone down the other trouser leg of Time.

I hope you have as much fun reading To Marry a Prince as I did writing it.

To Marry a Prince ties the knot on March 31st.

Published by Arrow, and available from all good book sellers.